is a musical project and lifestyle blog chronicling all of our passions and inspirations in one place for you to become a part of our world. We're Karsyn and Collin DuPree, two life lovers living in Nashville, TN with a strong passion for keeping things natural and always creating. Here, you can find plant-based recipes, podcast episodes, and a ton about our life. Take a look around!

'lil background...

In addition to our musical projects, we also began a vintage shop and lifestyle blog together in the summer of 2014, called BlissBranch. Though we were passionate about the message, it was hard to be all inclusive with the both of us, our music, our lifestyle, and maintain some sort of vintage and handmade shop. We toyed with art, beauty products, and other wholesale fashion, but eventually decided selling products wasn't our number one passion. Being a writer since birth, I've loved being a blogger, and I've tried to find which avenue of blogging we could pursue together. Wildernessa is a new space for us to fully dive into all of our passions in an all-encompassing lifestyle blog exposing our world to you! With this new blog, there are no rules or limitations to what we can and will share, with our focus always being on creating and exploring. (**You can still find our BlissBranch blog posts here**)


Having struggled with food and body image in my past, I (Karsyn) was determined to help other women in their journey through the complex food and wellness industry, finding them what works for their unique bodies. Being an Integrative Health Coach, I've had training in all areas of food and wellness, coming to my own personal food philosophy. I believe in eating whole foods, mostly plants, and crowding out processed junk, sugars, excess caffeine, and other stimulants with natural energizing nutrients from real food. I believe in balance, and I do not believe in "good vs bad" foods. Some foods may not be too nutritious for the body, but that does not mean we ought to restrict them out of fear. However, if we can shift our perspective and make decisions out of love, we can change our lives.


 Collin knew I had played several shows in our hometown of Tyler, Texas before we began dating, and it was no secret that his whole world was playing and touring with bands. We played several shows back in our hometown, but as we moved to Nashville to pursue music and blogging. Collin also found his groove quickly with producing opportunities, string tracking for other bands, and licensing deals for trailers and TV. Mostly digital with the organic twist of a live orchestra and occasional acoustic guitar, our signature sound took form and we knew a name change was absolutely crucial! We felt like Wildernessa not only fully embodied our unique musical vibe, but also our close-to-nature lifestyle as well.

O U R  H O M E

Having moved to Nashville with a small group of (totally awesome!) friends, we've definitely found ourselves turning to the blog in times of loneliness. The adaptation period of moving across country is rather isolating occasionally, and we've found a new true passion in making our plentiful rental houses into homes. Temporary changes, quick fixes, and budget DIYs are our specialty, and we're obsessed with sharing our favorite companies and collabs on the blog --- this was another huge motivator for making a couple-based lifestyle blog! 

g e t  i n  t o u ch

Are you a band or a brand looking to get involved with us in one of the following ways?:

  • Instagram/Snapchat promotional rates
  • blog feature rates
  • wellness services
  • songwriting services
  • string work/production services

Then shoot us an email at wldrnessa@gmail.com