My Current Fav Bloggers #1

My Current Fav Bloggers #1

Hey babes!

Take a look at some of the women I'm the most inspired by these days! I hope to do several installments of this post in the future, featuring different bloggers in each post depending on what I'm checking out the most!

 Laura Miller + Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

Laura Miller is entertaining all every platform I follow her on. From her recipes on her Youtube Channel to her FROOBS shirts, I can't seem to get over her killer attitude and perspective. I also love that she snaps so much with her husband and makes jewelry out of fruit. Amazing --- and not to mention she is gorgeous! Her site is really fun to explore, the layout is interesting and you can check out all her different interests and posts in different places. Have fun!

 Katie Dalebout + Let it Out! Podcast

I stumbled upon Katie's blog through several podcasts in which she was the guest! She's so incredibly insightful and also stunning! She connects with some of the most incredible females in the world of wellness and inspiration. You may remember her as Wellness Wonderland on social, but now she's fully relaunched her brand under her own name! So awesome. She also released a journaling book called Let it Out! which is also the name of her podcast. If you're looking for some inspiration in the realms of spirituality, body positivity, and overall wellness, check her out!

Maddy Moon + Mind Body Musings

Maddy Moon! I'm seriously so in love with all things Maddy Moon. It all started when I was listening to an episode of Food Psych Podcast and I saw her icon down below as a related podcast, suggesting that I take a listen. I did and was not disappointed! By not disappointed, I mean it was actually just weird to hear my soul being poured out of someone else's mouth. Seriously. Maddy speaks to the deepest diet industry crooks and crevices we have, and even if you've never experienced any sort of food-related issues, she will enlighten you. Her interviews dive into different topics like spirituality, body-image, food, orthorexia, and more!

In addition to being a podcast rockstar, Maddy keeps up with her blog and she also has an amazing Youtube channel with quick and dirty tips for getting rid of old diet mentalities. Do you have an issue with food? She's probably made a quickie little video that will also speak to your soul. She's currently in Thailand, and we recently connected on Instagram and Snapchat, basically a dream come true for me. We snap back and forth, though the time difference is so cray! She's shown some love to our music, which is so sweet. Sweetest person ever. She's inspired me so much, and I've considered myself fully recovered from my past eating disorder tendencies! Seriously, just listen to one podcast, watch one video, or read one blog post and you'll be hooked just like me!

She has many different ways in which you can work with her, so check out her site for ebooks, courses, and coaching!

Jordan Younger + The Balanced Blonde

For the past few years, I've been following Jordan's journey from being the Blonde Vegan to being the Balanced Blonde, and I couldn't be more inspired! I've read and listened to so many interviews with this chica, and she has an incredible perspective on life, balance, yoga, you name it. In 2015, she released her book titled Breaking Vegan and the whole world went cray! Being a vegan, it sucks to hear how much negative backlash she received for this book, but she was being so open, honest, and vulnerable about her struggle with orthorexia and her desire to recommit her life to being about balance. If you've been following me from BlissBranch until now, you'll know that that's the whole reason I started blogging in the first place, so I get it! If you're not feeling your best eating a certain way, and you're obsessing over food, get help. Try something different! Tune in with your body and stop fearing food! Sometimes, you have to drop labels to get there, and Jordan is an amazing example of this! 

These days, her blog is all about her incredible lifestyle, but she stays really transparent surrounding her struggles from time to time. She's the real deal, and she's so inspiring for it!

Jessie Bush + We the People Style

Lastly, Jessie Bush of We the People Style is kind of mine, Collin, and Stacy's #wcw everyday! We love following her and her finance's adventures around the globe --- they just moved into an apartment in Barcelona! WTF! Talk about #goals, right?! On her Snapchat, she swears, eats, and does very normal things, ditching the usual blogger picture-perfection.

Obviously, I follow some deep-ass blogs and podcasts, but I do love me some fashion posts and heart-eyes from time to time!

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