Quickie Life Update + Fiending for Eggs

Quickie Life Update + Fiending for Eggs

Hello, my loves! I just wanted to give you a little blog post from the heart, as my personal life has been a bit of a whirlwind recently, and I've been neglecting personal posts on the blog! This one is going to be long, deep, and not completely bubble-gum-happy-surface-silly-stuff. If you only like recipes and music posts, just skip this. If you want to learn more about what we experienced this year, read on!


Not only are we celebrating our baby girl Pear's first birthday, but we're also celebrating our one year anniversary in Nashville this month! I can't believe it's already been a year. It has been incredible, don't get me wrong, but it's been the hardest year of our lives. 

We've definitely faced some extreme challenges we never foresaw: we struggled in toxic relationships we just had to finally say goodbye to, we learned (and are still learning) how to set healthy boundaries, we dove head-first into following our first real election (yikes!), we got another dog, we decided we wanted a baby, we couldn't get pregnant, we decided it's okay because we didn't want a baby right now, we gained weight, we lost weight, we gained weight again, we started a new music project, we ended an old business, we got jobs, we quit jobs, we went vegan, and the list just goes on and on! So far, however, we feel very privileged and fortunate to have been able to make these changes and be presented with job opportunity after job opportunity so that we could thrive.

Even in months where we felt we were truly struggling, we always managed to appreciate and love each other, agreeing to always see the light in a weird/difficult situation -- even if the light was literally having one another (We really are that crazy in love! Teehee). Though we're (duh) feeling so blessed and soaring through life right now, there were absolutely times this year in which we were feeling financially and emotionally drained!

Basically, I just want to say if you're moving this year good luck! I'm so sorry in advance if no one is there to help with the heavy stuff, no one volunteers to help with packing up the stupid stuff, you can't find the rental of your dreams within your budget, or even if you can only find a really expensive shit-hole to live. We've been there. I'm sure thousands of other people have too, so yeah. It's okay to feel kind of sorry for yourself for like --- five minutes. But please, just put your chin up, be grateful for the fact that you even have an iPhone to document your shitty move on SnapChat, and keep trekking. You'll be happy you did, because the truth is (and I really believe this, folks): it does get better, even if it can only get better because it sucks so bad. Does that make sense? #Relatable? I hope so!

I mean come on. Let's get real. You guys all sat by and watched as I said goodbye to a business I was trying to keep afloat all by myself (asides from Collin), whilst my home was in boxes and I was spending 40hrs a week making it at my then-side-hustle. 

Just to clarify, my then-side-hustle was being a cook at Barista Parlor here in Nashville. It was trendy and cool on the outside, but I was spending my days as a health coaching student, also a vegan, who was digging into vats of lard (that is pig body fat, everyone --- try being compassionate for animals and doing this to make money...) multiple times a day, dropping globs of it on my shoes, sweating in dimly lit kitchen feeling like I was having an identity crisis on a daily basis. And yes! I did get recognized sometimes, and literally every person was like oh my god can you even eat any of the food here?  I mean, as I said before. I'm grateful we were both even given the opportunity to work there, and I genuinely love everyone that worked there with us. Some of them are our best friends here in Nashville! Also, the coffee and environment was really amazing, and most of the non-vegan meaty, eggy, milky food we used was local and/or organic, so I'm not dissing the establishment. The vegan jokes though...the vegan jokes...

Anyway, BlissBranch was my baby. It was what made me a blogger and a business woman, and it was how I became the entrepreneur I am today, even though I'm doing totally different things. I learned so much, I made a ton of money, but I also learned what I did and didn't love about selling things. I got to the point where I had to ask myself if I would actually buy a BlissBox if it were someone else's creation. My answer shocked me: I would never purchase a mysterious box of goodies. I know that that might be cool for some people, and obviously a ton of women loved what I was doing, but I had never asked myself that crucial question. I just felt it was a bit odd to continue to sell a product I wasn't in love with. I think that's the key to any successful business. 

Put out there what you'd like to see, what you'd like to listen to, what you'd like to read, what you'd like to buy, whatever. If you're honest and authentic with your joy and appreciation for what you're doing, and you're also supporting the other people in your field doing the same thing, then you will thrive. I genuinely believe that.

That's what led me to starting the podcast, because I just love podcasts. I can't get enough of them, so I figured I would do well at creating my own and speaking with all of these women that inspire me on a daily basis. Guess what? I've received more responses and messages to my podcast than anything else I've ever done! 


Another thing: our music. We only make music we would listen to (don't worry, we don't sit around listening to our own music, but you know what I'm saying). We're in love with the music we put out this year, and we hope other people are too! 

As far as being vegan goes, we obviously have dedicated our lives to that, and we do post and talk about it all the time. We don't really care if people think we're crazy, or if our friends make fun of us, we know it can be a little hard to swallow. Just know that we don't judge anyone we love or anything on an ethical level for what they eat. We don't even judge ourselves! We don't give ourselves gold stars for choosing tofu over bacon or whatever people might think about vegans. We merely eat the way we do and live the way we do because we know that we can make an impact, and yes, we know that other's can too, but that's not our journey. It's theirs!

About to get really freaking transparent and this is an absolutely controversial topic that I wasn't even planning on bringing up, but I'm human and I'm not perfect. I want you all to recognize that being a blogger or being a health coach or even being a vegan isn't a contest to be the most perfect person ever. With my history in recovering from my perfectionistic mindsets and tendencies, I just have to remind myself at the end of the day, I'm not a terrible person for what I eat/don't eat or do/don't do healthfully or professionally.

Honestly, I've been creeping around talking to my friends about my egg fantasies. YES! I'm going to go there. I've been fiending for a runny fried-egg just about every other meal as of lately. Of course all of my non-vegan friends have encouraged me to listen to my body and eat a few, no one will know, see how you feel! And honestly? On a professional level, I totally agree with that. Like, if I were my own client, I would probably recommend that be exactly what I do. Eat an egg. See how you feel. For the record, I haven't eaten an egg and if I did I probably wouldn't tell the world wide web the second I did it, so you may never know if I do. Chances are, knowing how much I know about the egg industry, and knowing that even the Amish people that sell their eggs from their farm end up eating the chickens, I would be very upset knowing I'm actually supporting the meat industry in a way. Does that make sense? I'm an environmental vegan and I also love animals more than most things in life (and most people), and I love the way a plant-based diet makes me feel, for sure. But I'm not the vegan pope or anything.

Basically, I'm just a human being, and though I'm not eating eggs right now and probably never will based on ethical principles in my own life, doesn't mean I'm a piece of shit. I just want you to know that, and if you don't agree with "that kind of vegan" that's okay. We're all different. In my personal life, this type of philosophy works best, and I'm just being honest.


As most of you know, Collin and I are both musicians and vegans, so our past weeks have been filled with delicious vegan food and also recording several tracks, helping out on other bands' projects, etc. (He's actually tracking on some new Eisley tunes as I type this)! I mentioned on my podcast, Wilder Podcast, that I work with local businesses in Nashville on their social media and through that I also accepted a job at a local salon called Scout's Barbershop. Contrary to the name, it's not actually a barbershop --- just a really awesome vibe where anyone can get their hair cut, colored, styled, you name it! I know what you're thinking: what? That's so random...And you're totally right. But, I had a friend in need of a receptionist for her business, and I accepted! I basically told the Universe at the beginning of July that I wanted more community and that I would say yes to as many opportunities as I could, agreeing to push out of my comfort zone but still maintain my much needed time alone and headspace for music and the blog. 

As far as health goes, I've been dealing with some health issues this year and I can sum it up briefly (hopefully) for those of you who are in the dark about what I'm referring to. Basically, my mom had a full hysterectomy at the younger-than-ideal age of 40-something due to overgrowth of mysterious tissue up in all her lady shizz. They didn't know what it was, they suspected some form of cancer, and it was scary as hell for not only my mom, but our entire family. Turns out it was andenomyosis a form of endometriosisMy mother and literally every woman in her family and my father's family have had ovarian cysts, fibroids, and overall just fucked up reproductive systems and hormonal imbalances. I started my period at the ripe age of nine years old due to a pituitary adenoma which caused premature puberty, and I've always had issues. I figured it was normal. Turns out I have 9/10 symptoms of endometriosis, though I hesitate to claim I have it due to the fact that the only way to truly be diagnosed is by having laparoscopic surgery, which I don't have the $$ or brain power to really deal with. I finally went to the doctor after years of chronic pelvic pain, in which I would have bouts of non-cycle related excruciating episodes that sent me to the urgent care or to the closest bowl of marijuana (yep, I went there). I got $1500 worth of extensive ultrasounds and they told me I have uterine fibroids, and I possibly was experiencing a burst cyst. If the cyst already burst, it can trigger a period, but there's no way to know if you had one for sure because if it bursts, it's gone basically. My doctor suggested it's likely I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or Endometriosis, and prescribed me birth control. My blood-work panel also showed that my thyroid was, once again, low (hypothyroid, just like the women in my family) causing weight fluctuations, thinning hair, etc. I took the pill for a pack, turned into the Tasmanian Devil, gained ten pounds, and swore it off. Now, I'm just going to try more holistic approaches, and check back in with my doctor in six months.


Expect more blog posts from me this upcoming week. Fun ones. Probably none like this, because I save this shit for the podcast, mostly. 

What did you think of this post? Would you have rather listened to it on my podcast? Would you have rather never known I wasn't a perfect holistic alien baby? Let me know in the comments! 

I really do love every single on of you. Thank you for supporting this journey of mine, and all of my endeavors. Thanks for reading this whole thing!

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