No Worries Reboot

No Worries Reboot



I think we’ve all experienced those times where we’re traveling home from a wild vacation or a party weekend and we feel not-so-awesome. Maybe a prickly headache, cravings for salty snacks or sweet treats, and body stiffness. We feel inflammation all over and we know there’s no way we’re walking away from a much-needed fun time with some not-so-fun consequences.

Maybe you’re coming off of a really restrictive diet, saw no results, and realize your relationship with your body is a little strained. Maybe you just want a little help with realigning your system, resting, feeling energized and satiated.

As a firm believer in balance, I realize some people accept these unpleasant side-effects as a fair trade for drinking with friends, hitting up their favorite pizza places, and lounging by the pool for a few days. I also believe that some of us run our bodies to the edge (myself included!) and when we unwind, we give zero fucks. This can feel rewarding and freeing in the moment, don’t get me wrong, but overdoing it isn’t always best.

Regardless if you’ve overdone it this weekend, or you just wanted this guide as a preventative measure for future occurrences of you not feeling your best, I’ve got you covered with tips and plant-based recipes to help you feel divine in no time!

Snag this 10-Day Guide to feeling your calmest, most confident self! 

*This is not a vegan guide. I do include eggs in these recipes, and keep everything whole-food based. Everything can be modified!

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