Episode #22 | Share Love Everywhere with Ashley Reale

 source: shareloveeverywhere.com

source: shareloveeverywhere.com

Hello, hello! I guess I'm back, baby! Though, I didn't really mean to take a break. In the intro of this podcast, you'll hear me share a bit about why it is that I've become a bit of a recluse this past month and a half (maybe even three) so I won't spoil everything in this post. That's right --- plug in those headphones now that you've been teased!

I will, however, go ahead and introduce my friend and lovely podcast guest, Ashley Reale of Love Everywhere, a company and brand that focuses on literally spreading love like butter across the world. How does she do it? Whether it's through inspiring cards, printable downloads from her site, or her inspiring posts on IG, Ashley keeps her message clear and caring. 

Did I mention her and her husband have conjured up an even sweeter way to make people's days? That's right! They've established a beautiful new concept called The Nicest Thing which is a documentary series they'll make while traveling the country. You can read more below...




Just a little info on the purpose of their Kickstarter for The Nicest Thing:

The Nicest Thing is a 12 episode documentary series and cross county US tour asking people from all walks of life one simple question: "What's the nicest thing someone has done for you?" Our world needs to hear stories of triumph, of celebration, of bright-hearts working hard to make this planet a kinder place. In a country that seems so divided, we will show that with love in our hearts we’re really not all that different.
This project was inspired by my company, Love Everywhere—a kindness company that has left over 12,000 hand written, hand stamped, and hand numbered notes of encouragement hidden in plain sight for strangers to find. (More about Love Everywhere below!) The Nicest Thing is the next step in sharing Love Everywhere, and we need your help to make it a reality!
We will embark on the ultimate road trip, and work hand in hand with our Love Everywhere community across the US, doing pop up events designed to celebrate kindness and hope through local partnerships with boutiques, coffee shops and organizations. We’ll celebrate what’s right in our communities while sharing stories of hope and encouragement. Our signature Love Everywhere cards will be on hand for folks to write and distribute, creating a movement of love at the local level.
The Nicest Thing will inspire us all to share love and kindness each day in simple ways, with friends and strangers alike. This tour and video series will prove that love speaks loudest—and if we let it, love’s unifying power can be the very force that brings us together.

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